updated: 7/19/2008

I vote with a bag on my head most of the time to avoid the hassles of people complaining or discouraging me from commenting. But I sometimes include the link to this page when I use a voting tool I developed (with original code from EddyG), which allows me to score in each of 5 categories. I sometimes use "weighted" scoring and my weighting is often arbitrary and inconsistent - for example, I could score a photo Composition: 8, Technical: 8, Creativity: 9, Appeal: 8, Challenge: 4 and give the overall score of a 4 if I feel that meeting the challenge far outweighs the other factors. On the other hand, sometimes an image is so powerful, it can overcome a weak challenge relationship and score an overall 9. That is my right as a voter to decide. Since there is no way on DPC to indicate that you don't want comments, please ignore mine if they bother you and just go on with your life as if you never saw them. They are after all, simply my personal opinion or assessment.

Consider the alternative: If I did not use the tool to break out the score, the example above would have simply received a score of 4 with no comments at all. To my way of thinking, a 4 with comments that indicate I liked everything about the photo except the challenge relevance is ten times more valuable to the recipient than a 4 with no comments at all. I generally won't argue with someone about it and I won't try to defend how I vote and I won't expect other voters/commenters to have to defend theirs.

I also frequently leave sarcastic, corny, nonsensical, whimsical and maybe occasionally disturbing comments just because an image evoked it out of me and I am a little twisted sometimes. Don't take offense to any of those and feel free to not mark them as helpful - I'm not getting paid by the checkbox, so I'll get by.

Thanks for reading!

-Ken (aka Art Roflmao )