1 How Langdon Stole DPC
3 1 Every Shirt down in Shirt-ville loved challenges lots… AlanFreed
4 but Langdon, who lived South of Shirt-ville, did NOT! AlanFreed
6 2 Langdon hated voting and audience pleasing! Judi
7 Please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason. Judi
8 It could be that his lens wasn’t screwed on quite right. Bear_music
9 It could be, perhaps, that his strap was too tight. Bear_music
10 But I think that the most likely reason of all colorcarnival
11 may have been that his f stopped at two stops too small. colorcarnival
13 3 But, whatever the reason, whatever the curse, bohemka
14 he stood there on Christmas Eve, hating the Shirts, bohemka
15 staring down from his couch with a sour Langdon frown beatabg
16 at the number of visits, the hit count gone down. beatabg
17 For he knew every Shirt down in Shirt-ville beneath blindjustice
18 was busy now, shooting a new masterpiece. blindjustice
20 4 And they’re shooting their puppies! he snarled with a sneer. grahamgator
21 Tomorrow is Christmas! It’s practically here! grahamgator
22 Then he growled, with shutter finger nervously drumming, Brent_S
23 I MUST find a way to stop Challenges coming! Brent_S
25 5 For tomorrow, he knew... at the stroke of midnight BeckyT
26 All the Shirt girls and boys would rush to his site! BeckyT
27 And then! Oh, the rants! Oh, the rants! Rants! Rants! Rants! Alexkc
28 That’s one thing he hated! The RANTS! RANTS! RANTS! RANTS! Alexkc
29 Then the Shirts, young and old, would sit down to vote. Alexkc
31 6 And they’d vote! And they’d vote! And they’d VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Judi
32 They would score Cannon Beaches, and creeks under boats, Judi
33 Which to Langdon looked more like a dog-doo-doo float. Judi
35 7 And THEN they’d do something he liked least of all! blindjustice
36 Every Shirt down in Shirt-ville, the tall and the small, blindjustice
37 would vote at the same time, with Christmas bells tolling, Beetle
38 and give out the ONE votes, so proud of their trolling! Beetle
40 8 They’d troll! And they’d troll! AND they’d TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! TROLL! bohemka
41 And the more Langdon thought of the whiners and trolls, bohemka
42 the more Langdon thought, "I will steal their souls! colorcarnival
43 Why for over ten years I’ve put with it now! colorcarnival
44 I MUST stop the Challenges coming! ... But HOW?" BeckyT
46 9 Then he got an idea! An awful idea! AlanFreed
49 10 I know just what to do! Langdon laughed really hard. MaryO
50 And he dressed in a cute Santa Claus avatar. MaryO
51 And he chuckled, "I’ll show all those art school rejects! Dseale
52 As owner and founder, not one will suspect!" Dseale
54 11 All I need is a ‘Shopper... Langdon looked around. Kelli
55 But with volunteers scarce, there was none to be found. Kelli
57 12 Did that stop the Langdon...? No! Langdon wasn’t kidding, GilesUK
58 I’ll blackmail Art Roflmao to do all my bidding! GilesUK
59 So he intercepted one of Art’s secret shipments Beetle
60 of lifesize woodies with extra "equipment"... Beetle
62 13 THEN he peeked at a challenge while smugly gloating, EL-ROI
63 a Christmas Speed Challenge, that was still in voting. EL-ROI
64 Then Langdon said, "Art, go start up your Mac! MaryO
65 We’ve got some high-scoring photos to whack! MaryO
67 14 So they cut off the tails of Wendy’s squirrels Devinder
68 and they painted pink bathrobes on Paul’s naked girls. Devinder
69 The oldsters of jagar walked yellow brick roads, PennyStreet
70 Lydia’s frogs were converted to toads, PennyStreet
72 15 Gyaban’s head was put back on his body, gyaban
73 Irene’s water dropped on the seat of the potty. gyaban
74 Sam T and Sjhuls lost all their blonde hair Kelli
75 because it was covering JMinso’s derriere. Kelli
76 The waterscapes Cuttooth and Bear Music shot FourPointX
77 were now muddy fields with weeds in a knot. FourPointX
79 16 For cutout, they cutout some angels with flutes, MaryO
80 while Coley’s self portrait grew strangely hirsute. MaryO
81 Tanguera’s grand dames with extravagant hats GilesUK
82 abandoned their dogs and French-kissed their cats! GilesUK
84 17 Then a trembling Art, under awful duress, Beetle
85 slowly peeled off sempermarine’s ballroom dress. Beetle
86 Then he took some sandpaper to John Ritz’s brown, gyaban
87 while Juliet’s most recent Queen lost his crown. gyaban
89 18 Melethia’s pigeons had gone 'alouette', EL-ROI
90 and Judi could no longer fill out her sweater. EL-ROI
91 The Spurgeon girls' curls became mile-high ‘fros, Kelli
92 and bvy’s graffiti turned elegant prose Kelli
93 as poor YoSpiff fell on the bar of his bike! PennyStreet
94 At last, there was nothing for voters to like. PennyStreet
96 19 Art hung his head, while Langdon just grinned, timfythetoo
97 but then a new ticket arrived, for "admin." timfythetoo
98 A small voice in ALL CAPS appeared on the screen. vawendy
99 It was Shez from down under, "O WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? vawendy
101 Her sweetness gave cold-hearted Langdon some pause. RayEthier
102 She wanted to thank him for starting the site SaraR
103 and making even her dreary days seem bright. SaraR
104 The friendship, the fun, she could not abandon, Pug-H
105 although she could no longer handle her Canon. Pug-H
107 20 But, you know Old Langdon was so smart and so slick, Samantha_T
108 He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick! Samantha_T
109 You’ve noticed strange pictures, you’re very astute, RyanWareham
110 but please rest assured they’re just from new recruits. RyanWareham
111 I have plans to expand and double the site. vawendy
112 New members, new challenges most every night. vawendy
114 21 And Sherpet believed, because that was her way, RayEthier
115 and happily waited for Turnover Day, RayEthier
117 22 but not even turnover time could be trusted, SaraR
118 the dates were all switched, the ruleset was busted! SaraR
119 Each title read, "Go ahead, give me a one!" timfythetoo
120 While all of the "10" votes were pushed to tnun. timfythetoo
122 23 Finally sated, he sat back and waited Samantha_T
123 to eavesdrop on all the bad blood he created. Samantha_T
125 24 They’re just waking up! I know what they’ll do! RyanWareham
126 Their mouths will hang open a minute or two, RyanWareham
127 then all the Shirts down in Shirt-ville will all cry BOO HOO! vawendy
128 That’s a noise, grinned Langdon, "that I simply must hear." Pug-H
129 So he paused. And Langdon put a hand to his ear. Pug-H
130 And he heard a virtual sound in the digital snow. Kita
131 It started in low. Then it started to grow... Kita
132 but the sound wasn’t sad! Why, this sound sounded merry! timfythetoo
133 It couldn’t be so! But it WAS merry! VERY! timfythetoo
134 He stared down at Shirt-ville. Langdon popped his eyes. colorcarnival
135 Then he shook! What he saw was a shocking surprise. colorcarnival
137 25 Every Shirt down in Shirt-ville, the blue and the gray, Art Roflmao
138 was lauding the winners for seizing the day. Art Roflmao
139 Auxiliary ribbons supported the strange, Kita
140 the entries that fell out of Gaussian range, Kita
141 and forum posts bustled with outtakes and jokes, RayEthier
142 and comment requests and a new Slippy hoax. RayEthier
144 26 Maybe, thought Langdon, "some props are owed... PamB
145 Maybe a Website is more than just code... PamB
146 Those people all chattering to each other down there RyanWareham
147 have one thing in common. They all seem to... care." RyanWareham
149 27 And what happened then? Well... in Shirt-ville they say Samantha_T
150 Langdon’s f-stop opened 3 stops that day, Samantha_T
151 and the minute his aperture let in more light PamB
152 he saw that he needed to do what was right. PamB
153 He fixed all the rulesets, they were clear as a bell, Brent_S
154 And he... LANGDON HIMSELF... formed a new DPL!  Brent_S
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